The Aavik Streaming App

Control the music from your iPad

The App is developed uniquely to control Aavik Streaming devices via iPad. Enjoy the thrill of being the master of the endless music streaming universe. Choose your favorite music with the Aavik streamer and indulge yourself in the delight of an outstanding streaming-based audio performance. The Aavik app is easy to navigate and allows you to tap into your playlists and various streaming services such as Tidal, MQA, vTuner and Qobuz.

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– Stream directly from Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify and more.

– Stream from local server, NAS, USB-harddisk and USB-stick.

– Stream from remote locations such as One-Drive, Dropbox, Icloud and more.

– Controls playlists from various streaming services and servers

– Network Audio Device setup: LAN selection, firmware update and other setups.

– Multi-room control: select group of speakers to play music simultaneously.

– Track sorting, Folder Bookmarking, and remembering Renderer.

– Tidal integration

– Quobuz integration

– Spotify integration

– vTuner Integration

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