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At Aavik Acoustics we manufacture audio electronic components. Our line of products consists of several types of amplifiers, digital/analog converters, phono stages and streamers. All our components set new standards for the quality of high-end music reproduction.

What is Aavik?

Aavik draws upon an extensive knowledge base in the field of audio engineering.

We equip the Aavik series with a wide range of audio technologies, and we have tapped into the sonic properties of a new, natural-based composite material for the cabinets which have unlocked a new audio potential, inspired by the design and construction of traditional musical instruments.

Aavik also intends to better align high-end musical performance with individual listening preferences. By bringing down the noise floor, Aavik has further expanded the dynamic scale of music. Even the finest nuances of musical details are now projected onto a larger sound stage with an extremely quiet background.

We employ the noise-cancelling technologies from our sister company, Ansuz-Acoustics. All series are equipped with Tesla coils, dither circuitry and anti-aerial resonance coils which secure an unconstrained signal flow.







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