Ansuz / Resonance Control

Darkz Z2 Signature

Outstanding musical refinement

The resonance control from using zirconium results in an outstanding musical refinement. The Darkz Z2 Signature is further acoustically optimized with the exclusive Ansuz Signature coating on each disc. Finally, the interalyer balls are in Tungsten, which is a premium material in terms of stability and resonance control. The result is an amazing natural soundstage, unrivalled in its purity, precision, and attention to musical details.

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Technologies and Components

Natural and authentic sound.
Ansuz Darkz resonance control devices absorb vibrations that are not directly related to the signal path. The absorption results in an audible vibration feedback, which affects the sound quality. It is the natural and authentic sound that Ansuz Darkz devices are designed to preserve. There is no alteration of the authentic sound reproduction which, when using conventional grounding materials, often make the sound unnaturally cold and harsh.


Surface treatment



Interlayer balls




Design philosophy – Darkz

When defining the exact set-up and the dimensions of the Darkz, Ansuz Acoustics was exclusively guided by its core philosophy to always strive for the ultimate in sound quality. The Ansuz Darkz consists of 3 discs. Each of the upper two discs floats on 3 interlayer balls to ensure excellent handling and absorption of vibrations.

Surface treatment

Signature composition.
The surface is further acoustically optimized by applying the Ansuz Signature coating. This coating is applied to the surface in a Hi-PIMS (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) machine to create the finest and most uniform layer of Zirconium and tungsten followed by a layer consisting of aluminium titanium nitride. Finally, the discs are coated with a layer of zirconium.

Interlayer balls, Tungsten

Tungsten is a premium material in terms of stability and resonance control. It´s weight is 4 times higher than Titanium which enhances the mechanical grounding even further.

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  • Ansuz Darkz Z2 Signature / Resonance Control

    The prototype (Darkz Zirconium, Sorts & Supreme)

    Dirk Sommer, HiFi Statement

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Dimensions, Øxh: 44,5×23,8 mm
1,75×0,94 Inches

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