Ansuz Acoustics

Ansuz Acoustic products provide the foundation that can greatly enhance the performance of any audio system. Our line of products consists of high-end cables, power distributors, streaming assessors and resonance controlling devices.

What is Ansuz?

The key endeavor of this entire range of products has always been to effectively bring down the disturbing noise floor in any audio system without compromising the spectrum of natural tones or manipulating the authentic uniqueness of the dynamics, energy, or soundstage of the music.

This was the catalyst for Ansuz to embark on a completely new technological path using the untapped potential of various types of sophisticated coil and dither technologies to suppress the interfering noise disturbances through specific countermeasures.

Ansuz’s pioneering approach in noise cancellation and signal distribution does not only enhance the blackness and dynamics in the audio performance but also opens a gateway for the more subtle and refined elements of music to fully unfold.







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