Stand Mounted Loudspeaker

Børresen 01

Cryo Edition

Incredible stand mount

The Børresen 01 Cryo Edition speaker, guarantees a transparent and authentic musical performance. The artistic design of the cabinet and the stand turn this loudspeaker into a perfect amalgamation of outstanding musicality shaped into a piece of art.

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Technologies and Components

Cool down upgrade .
The cryogenic treatment of the speakers’ metal components results in a further significant improvement of conductivity and reduction in inductance. The result is literally opening up a new dimension of musical performance. A sound that is crystal clear, truly natural and utmost refined.



Moving mass, tweeter



Magnet system induction



Increased conductivity

Cryogenic process

Extreme treatment, huge improvement.
Cryogenic treatment of all metal components of the loudspeaker results in a further significant improvement in conductivity – unleashing finest and most subtle musical details. When metal components undergo cryogenic processing, they are subjected to extreme cooling. In the wake of this process, the crystal structure of the metal contracts more and more. Alloying elements are pushed out of the grain structure of the metal, which now becomes very similar to a monocrystal. These structural changes in the metal have a profound effect on its audio properties, resulting in an increase of conductivity by 6-8%.

All metal components of these speaker series undergo cryogenic treatment. The cryogenic processing cycle requires a 3-day-time window. Within the first 24 hours, the metal undergoes a cooling process from room temperature to cryogenic temperatures. During the second 24 hours, the metal parts are held at temperatures around -196°C (-321°F) before the temperature, within the next 24 hours, returns gradually to room temperature. The gradual cooling and heating is critical to avoid any thermal stress. The process strengthens and compresses the grain structure of the metal components and reduces inherent residual stress that occurs when metal solidifies from its liquid phase to a solid phase.

The Børresen tweeter

Exceptional efficiency.
Elaborate finite element methods have been applied to linearize and optimize the magnetic flux field, to facilitate driver movement and to ensure high efficiency and outstanding linearity.

The efficiency of this closed ribbon tweeter amounts to an exceptional 94dB and operates from approximately 2.5 kHz upwards. The moving mass is extremely low at 0.01 grams. The totally concealed tweeter has the capacity to operate at an incredible speed, which is an absolute prerequisite to unlocking the most subtle and refined sound details of any kind of music. The enormous robustness of this tweeter allows it to handle extremely high transient peaks without any ear fatiguing breakups. No transformers are being used.

Membrane – Bass/midrange

Impressing stiffness to weight ratio.
The Børresen membrane consists of a composite of two layers of very thin carbon on both sides of a 4 mm Nomex honeycomb core. This composite structure – like the one used in formula 1 type of racing cars – provides the ultimate combination of stiffness to weight ratio. The exceptionally low weight of only 5.5 grams allows a very high acceleration factor in the driver, resulting in both outstanding resolution and higher efficiency.

Magnet system – Bass midrange

The iron-free revolution.
The Børresen magnet system* is breaking new ground. Its unique, innovative, and unprecedented technological design makes it stand out from anything else on the loudspeaker market.

Since the invention of the loudspeaker driver, the fundamental structure of magnet systems has not changed. Iron has been used to concentrate the magnetic flux in a narrow gap where the voice-coil is located. Iron is suited for the concentration of flux, but also poses some challenging issues when it comes to the voice-coil parameters. These parameters also change with the position of the voice-coil, creating considerable iron distortion.

The Børresen magnet motor is breaking new ground here. It is uniquely designed without the use of any iron. In the Børresen magnet motor, 4 opposing neodymium ring-magnets are used to squeeze the flux lines together over two solid copper discs, which now act like pole pieces.

The Børresen magnet system has a high flux of 1.1 Tesla. The solid copper pole rings act as very effective heat sinks. This endows the loudspeaker driver with a very high power handling capacity. The copper pole rings also reduce voice-coil inductance to an exceptionally low value of 0.04 MH (less than 10% of regular standard drivers).

The extremely low induction provides the driver with some very desirable attributes that enormously elevate the quality of acoustic performance. A much lower induction means a much faster driver, with no lag. This impacts the overall loudspeaker performance which now becomes much more refined and very detailed. Lower induction also causes less resonance impedance variation, which means less phase angles and less impedance variation for the driving amplifier. Lower induction will also curb the impedance rise over system resonances. In terms of musicality, this will extremely foster a sound base that is less boomy but much more pristine. Bass performance becomes very tight, well focused, and more authentic.

*The Børresen magnet system is patented

Crossover O-series

Serial configuration, coherent system.
Børresen loudspeakers are fitted with a serial crossover configuration. The reason for this is that the drivers share the very same flow of electric current in the crossover region. As a result, the electric current is phase-locked over the crossover region. Unlike standard parallel filtering, where each driver receives its own frequency and phase content, the new serial filters work by diverting out-of-band currents around the current flows, thus creating a much more coherent system. This unrivaled and innovative technological approach takes your music into a new echelon of acoustic delight.

For the crossover filter, we went to great lengths to source the very best and most sophisticated state-of-the-art components. The coils are foil types wound with paper isolation and impregnated with resin under vacuum to make them mechanically extremely solid and stable.

For crossover capacitors, we use arrays of small military spec stack-foil types. They have the best mechanical stability and lowest induction of any type of capacitor on the market (and they sound wonderful, too).

For tweeter attenuation resistors, we use metal strip types since they have, by far, the lowest noise figures and additionally, a very low thermal variation.


Performance and design tradition.
The cabinets are heavily braced, block milled, compressed wood structures, beautifully veneered in walnut and fitted with solid walnut inserts. They follow the best of Danish furniture design traditions paired with the stylish shapes that were initially created by the late Franco Serbelin from Sonos Faber.

The tweeter section is vented to balance out the build-up of air pressure. The bass sections consist of tuned ports calibrated for musically relevant frequencies.

Ansuz DarkzBørresen 01

Invisible resonance control.
Ansuz Darkz decouplers have been designed to ensure a distinctly better mechanical grounding of the speaker cabinet to the stand, respectively to the floor. Ansuz Darkz consist of 3 discs separated by 3 titanium ball bearings. Ansuz Darkz are available in 4 alloys that allow for different sonic levels of grounding qualities. 

There are three cavities in the surface of the upper plate of stand that accommodate built-in Darkz resonance control decouplers between the loudspeakers and the plate. The feet of the stand are designed to sit on Darkz decouplers of individual choice.

The Tesla coil principle

The principle is to have two coils that are wounded in each direction / a coil and a counter coil. In Ansuz words: “A double inverted coil” – the two coils are both carrying voltage – and when the Tesla coil encounters a voltage spike a counter spike is activated in order to eliminate the noise. As Noise spikes are pure voltage and carries virtually no charge, the cancelation is quite good, but not 100%. By adding more P-TC coils in parallel the performance increases. By implementing this the perceived blackness in the music improves significantly. Ansuz Tesla coils are available in various types as they complement each other in terms of strengths /weaknesses.

Anti aerial resonance coil technology

Prevents airborne noise.
All cables and cable screens are acting like antennas for airborne RF noise which of course is a huge problem. The passive cable Tesla coil is wounded on the external part of the cable and protects the signal from absorbing the airborne RF noise. This noise is absorbed in the Tesla coil.

As there is a voltage running in the conductor itself, and it is wounded in the counter direction – this is used as the counter coil and the RF noise is then eliminated.

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    Speaker & Stand:

    H x W x D: 110,3 x 25,8 x 45,0 cm
    H x W x D: 43.4 x 10.2 x 17.7 inches
    Weight: 18,0 kg
    39.68 lbs


    H x W x D: 36,8 x 18,4 x 41,5 cm
    H x W x D: 14.5 x 7.2 x 16.3 inches
    Weight: 11,5 kg
    25.35 lbs


    H x W x D: 73,5 x 25,8 x 41,5 cm
    H x W x D: 28.9 x 10.2 x 16.3 inches
    Weight: 6,5 kg
    14.33 lbs


    Frequency response 50Hz – 50KHz
    Sensitivity 86 dB / 1W
    Impedance > 6 ohms
    Recommended Amplifier > 50W
    1 x Tweeter Børresen planar ribbon tweeter
    1 x Driver Børresen iron free bass/midrange driver: 4.5 inches
    Finish: Walnut veneer
    Black high gloss

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