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The new flagship series

We proudly introduces our new flagship series of audio cables and power distributors – Ansuz Gold Signature. Michael Børresen, CTO of Ansuz Acoustics, in collaboration with his engineering and development team, has designed this new series that elevates any audio system to a level of performance never achieved before. This new range of audio cables and power distributors is the result of Ansuz’s ever curious and exploratory approach to new product development, as well as its experience, and commitment to science and technology. The new Gold Signature series is built on a solid foundation of well-known Ansuz technologies, however, as the name of this series suggests, also draws on the material properties of gold in conjunction with these well-known Ansuz technologies.

Ansuz is a pioneer in the development of high-end audio equipment, always striving for the ultimate in pristine sound quality and musical authenticity. In this quest to unlock the full acoustic potential of music, the latest initiative is the use of gold. Gold has always held an almost mythical attraction for people. Since time immemorial, gold has had an inherent value due to its rarity and shiny appearance. More importantly for Ansuz, however, gold has also been coveted for its various unique material properties. The Ansuz development team has always been aware of the special properties of gold and its amazing effect on sound quality. So it was not “gold fever” that gripped Ansuz, but simply a natural curiosity to explore and investigate how best to exploit these positive sound properties in the development of new audio equipment. Based on research and systematic verification through empirical listening, they discovered that gold, when used in the right quantities and in combination with silver and copper, can dramatically improve the sonic potential of all Ansuz technologies. The result is a much more refined authenticity which provides an amazing, more lifelike, holistic musical experience.

Zirconium is another material that the Ansuz development team has recently researched and tested in various Ansuz products. The material properties of zirconium give Ansuz’s products an unprecedented level of resonance control. Therefore, it was only natural to include zirconium in the development of the new Gold Signature series. 


The following overview presents some of the technologies used in the new Gold Signature series. Which of these technologies are integrated into the various Gold Signature series products varies from product to product.

Gold Signature wire

The Ansuz development team has always known that gold has the potential to significantly increase sound quality, but unfortunately, gold can also do the opposite. The challenge was to find the exact amount of gold in combination with silver and copper.

Several variations were developed and tested in different types of cables and power distributors. This is how the new Ansuz Gold Signature products was created, which presents music with an outstandingly clear, natural, and authentic sound. Ansuz’s Gold Signature wire is used in several applications: as conductor, as ground wire or as a base wire for the dual coil technology in certain cable types.

Gold Signature double inverted helix coil

Ansuz has incorporated the Gold Signature wire into their double inverted helix coil design for certain cable types. This addition has helped further improve resonance control and ensures an unobstructed signal transport.

Zirconium Anti Aerial resonance Tesla coil

Based on Ansuz’s general curiosity about the properties of various materials, Ansuz has incorporated a zirconium bar into its anti aerial resonance coil design. This is another new and impressive improvement to Ansuz’s anti-air resonance coil technology. The properties of this zirconium bar allow for unprecedented resonance control, resulting in outstanding musical sophistication that creates a natural soundstage, unrivalled in its purity, precision and attention to musical details.

Active cable zirconium Tesla coil

Based on their studies of the properties of zirconium and their recent experience in using zirconium, Ansuz has developed the active cable zirconium Tesla coil technology. The new design includes not less than three zirconium bars. This innovative design dramatically improves the signal processing – both in terms of noise elimination and resonance control, ensuring a crystal-clear sound. The active zirconium Tesla coil of the cable is wound directly around the outer part of the cable, protecting the signal from absorbing airborne RF noise. Any disturbing noise is absorbed in the Tesla coil. The active version is about three to four times more efficient than the passive cable Tesla coil.

Housing – Signature coating

The housing is surface-treated with the Ansuz Signature coating. This coating ensures absolutely natural sound reproduction. The Ansuz Signature coating is applied to the housing using the HiPIMS (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) process. This process produces ultra-fine and uniform layers of zirconium and tungsten, followed by a layer of aluminum titanium nitride, and finally, another layer of zirconium.

Analog dither technology – 3rd generation

Analog dither technology originates from radar, where it provides a stronger signal and thus a much longer range. Active Tesla coils emit pulsating signals with precisely defined frequencies. These signals are sent in anti-phase. This significantly amplifies the music signal and eliminates background noise.

Many Ansuz audio products are equipped with this analog dither technique, as it has proven to be amazingly sound enhancing.

Recently, Ansuz has introduced a 3rd generation of this Ansuz analog dither technology. An even more advanced and sophisticated version that reflects Ansuz’s recent research efforts to refine this technology by calibrating the pulsating frequencies with even greater accuracy. The result is a musical authenticity that articulates itself in a strikingly more balanced and natural sound image. Of course, the new Gold Signature series also features this latest version of Ansuz’s analog dither technology.

Tesla coil technology

This innovative audio technology aims to remove as much unwanted noise as possible from any musical performance to ensure absolutely uncompromised musical authenticity. The principle of Tesla coil technology is based on two counter-wound coils: a coil and a counter coil. In Ansuz’s words, “a double inverted coil” – the two coils both carry voltage. When the Tesla coil encounters a voltage spike, a counter coil is activated to eliminate the noise. Since noise spikes are pure voltage and carry virtually no charge, cancellation is quite good, but still not 100%. However, when multiple P-TC coils are connected in parallel, their noise cancellation capability increases notably, further reducing noise levels to unprecedentedly low levels. This significantly improves the perceived blackness of the music background. It was obvious to implement this very effective Tesla coil technology in the new Gold Signature series as well.

Ansuz charged dielectric

To ensure the best possible signal transmission, Ansuz has incorporated this technology into all of its most exclusive series, which include the new Gold Signature series. The idea behind this latest audio technology is based on the electrical charge of the insulating layer, which is made of Teflon. Teflon is one of the strongest dielectric materials and ensures the creation of an internal electric field, making it now possible to achieve the same charge at a lower voltage.

Shaping the sound of your audio system

Ansuz’ main endeavor has always been to effectively reduce the annoying noise floor in any audio system without affecting the spectrum of natural sound or even manipulating the authentic uniqueness of the music, its dynamics, energy or soundstage. To achieve this, Ansuz approaches product development with a natural curiosity, willing to break new ground both in audio engineering and in researching the properties of various materials.

This is exactly the approach Ansuz took in developing their flagship products, the new Gold Signature series. It elevates the sound quality of any audio system to a new dimension of musical authenticity and generates a clearer, much more refined, absolutely natural and balanced sound image that makes the blackness of the musical background literally tangible.

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