Audio Group Denmark – High End Munich 2023 Show report

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The greates show on earth

High End Munich stands tall as the world’s largest and most significant Hi-Fi show. Each year marks a pivotal moment for Audio Group Denmark as we set our sights on this grand event. This is where we eagerly anticipate unveiling all the new products that we have created since the previous High End Munich Show. Beyond its reputation as a premier platform for Hi-Fi equipment, attending the High End Munich show feels like returning to a much-anticipated family gathering. Warm smiles and joyful reunions with cherished individuals, accompanied by engaging conversations. It’s a place where you instantly feel at ease, amidst old friends and business associates.

Besides fostering personal relations, High End Munich offers a platform to showcase the company’s progress made over the past year and further develop the business. In other words, it is the place to be, if you are in to Hi-Fi.

This year’s High End Munich appeared more popular than ever, with the lingering presence of the pandemic gradually fading away. Unlike last year, the Asian hi-fi industry and audiophiles from this part of the world were also present at High End Munich 2023. The halls of the show was packed and the overall atmosphere was filled with excitement.

Positioned in the exact spot as the previous year, strategically placed just opposite the main entrance, and featuring an extra sound cabin compared to last year, this year’s High End Munich assumed an extraordinary significance. In this esteemed gathering, we proudly introduced our new brand, Axxess, marking its global debut on the European continent. As a testament to its exclusivity, we arranged a dedicated room to showcase the remarkable offerings of the Axxess brand.

A highlight for us of the exhibition was Axxess Forté, the first product series within the Axxess range. Comprising three distinct versions—Axxess Forté 1, 2, and 3—the streaming amplifier series received an overwhelmingly positive response from the visitors.

Furthermore, we showcased our new loudspeaker models, Børresen M3, M6, and X6, which also garnered high praise and feedback from the audience.

Another standout highlight for us, was the presentation of the Aavik SD-880, the latest fruit of the esteemed collaboration between Michael Børresen and Flemming Erik Rasmussen. As Aavik’s flagship streamer/DAC device, the SD-880 exceeded expectations, delivering exceptional musical performance with minimal noise, much to the delight of the audience.

Interviews from the show