Audio Group Denmark – Norddeutsche HiFi Tage 2024

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Experience our newest products live in Hamburg

Get ready for a unique audio experience! Collaborating with our local partner, HIFI Studio Bramfeld in Hamburg, we’re excited to present an unmatched line-up of cutting-edge products from our four prestigious brands – Ansuz, Aavik, Børresen, and Axxess at the Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage in Hamburg on February 3rd and 4th. This event will unfold at the Steigenberger Hotel Treudelberg in Hamburg. Locate Audio Group Denmark in room Treudelberg 2 and Room 217.

Prepare to be amazed as we unveil a captivating line-up featuring both time-tested classics and the latest innovations from all four brands. Seize this golden opportunity to explore Audio Group Denmark live and dive into the immersive Audio Group Denmark universe.

The best part? It’s absolutely free! Join us for an unforgettable auditory experience that will redefine your perception of HiFi.


From Børresen, we will present two different speaker models, the Børresen M3 and the Børresen X2.

The creation of the Børresen M loudspeaker series was a dream project for chief designer Michael Børresen, but also the most ambitious loudspeaker project to date. The development approach and design -philosophy for the M series was to create a loudspeaker without economic and technological constraints and with unrivalled sound potential. Børresen’s M3 speakers redefine acoustic excellence, resonating with pure musicality that captivates.

The Børresen X2 loudspeaker from the award-winning X series, is a symbol of Børresen’s commitment to meeting diverse needs of listeners while maintaining the brand’s hallmark standards of authentic and natural music reproduction. At the heart of the Børresen X2 is a fusion of cutting-edge technologies adopted from the prestigious M, O, and Z series. The Børresen X2 is available to audiophiles and music lovers, at a price point that makes it more accessible while maintaining Børresen’s signature performance and quality standards.


From Aavik we will present the dynamic I-880 integrated amplifier and, the SD-880 Streamer DAC – a duo designed to deliver unparalleled audio precision and power. The Aavik flagship 880 series is the result of the unique collaboration of Michael Børresen’s outstanding audio engineering skills and Flemming Erik Rasmussen’s exceptional artistic design capabilities.

With its unmatched and authentic musical performance, the Aavik 880 series is not only a symbol of the zenith of hi-fi ingenuity, but also an aesthetic masterpiece that visually enhances any hi-fi system with its aesthetic and elegant design.


One of our newest launches that we will present, is the Axxess Forté streaming amplifier, which features both a streamer and a DAC section, as well as being an integrated amplifier and a headphone amplifier. Axxess Forté excels with its versatility, in terms of its multi-functional properties.

Axxess Forté captures the essence of Ansuz, Aavik and Børreesen, reflecting a world of high-end audio equipment, where technological excellence and the aesthetics of Danish design go hand in hand with authentic musical performance. By utilizing Audio Group Denmark’s well-known development traditions regarding noise reduction and resonance control and the general pioneering approach towards technological innovation, Axxess manifests its commitment to Audio Group Denmark’s values in the manufacturing of Hi-Fi equipment that offer un- matched musical authenticity.


From Ansuz we will present a wide range of different products from various series, including cable looms, power boxes and power switches from the A2, A3 and Gold Signature series.

In Ansuz’ quest to unlock the full acoustic potential of music, our engineers constantly work on technological development, with an open-minded innovative approach. The result of this, is a generative and valuable development of unconventional audio technologies and designs that revolutionize the quality standards of high-end music reproduction.

The Ansuz products we will present are a clear manifestation of this development philosophy. In particularly this is a unique opportunity to experience our Ansuz flagship series, the Ansuz D-TC Gold Signature Series, as it elevates the sound quality of any sound system to a new dimension of musical authenticity, generating a clearer, much more refined, completely natural, and balanced sound image that does variation of the musical background literally palpable.