Our presence at
HIGH END Munich 2022

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Finally, back after three years

Our goal is to bring music closer to the people. One way we do this is by traveling the world and meeting customers in person to show them innovative, state-of-the-art audio components that provide a live-like music experience. We were overshadowed for almost three years by the impact of Covid-19, which had made travel very difficult for everyone and resulted in many cancelled trade shows around the world. So, it was a great pleasure for us to finally return to one of the most important events of the year, the HIGH END Munich. And even though we were under the influence of the pandemic in the last years, we didn’t just wait and hope that this pandemic would be over soon. We used this time to develop and produce new and even better equipment, and we brought all of that to Munich to now present it to the rest of the hi-fi world.

We have sent a very strong team from Denmark led by Lars Kristensen, Michael Børresen and Flemming Erik Rasmussen to southern Germany with cases and transport cases full of well-established and new products. Among the new audio products, we brought with us, were the Børresen M-1, the Børresen X-3, the Aavik 880 series, and cables from the Ansuz Gold Signature Series.

We were very excited to showcase the Børresen M-1 loudspeaker with its 3D-printed, topology-optimized basket made of zirconium. The positive feedback from the audience about this new loudspeaker was simply overwhelming.

It was also a great pleasure to finally show the world the result of the collaboration between Michael Børresen and Flemming Erik Rasmussen in the form of the new Aavik 880 series. With the new Aavik 880 Series, we have launched an integrated amplifier, a power amplifier and a preamplifier.

Another new product we introduced at the show was the Børresen X-3, which is made with a new Børresen cone design. It is made of two layers of carbon fiber and 4 mm Nomex honeycomb. 

In the same sound cabin where we presented the new X-3 speakers, we also played on several of our well-established products, such as, our Aavik 280 series and several of our Ansuz D2, Supreme and D-TC2 cables. Responsible for this sound cabin, was our skilled and experienced Sales director Frits, who with his demos of the new X-3 speakers and our familiar cable- and electronics-setup, amazed and enlighten the audience. The new Børresen X-3 loudspeaker will hit the market around October this year.

Michael Børresen and Flemming Erik Rasmussen were stationed in the area in front of our two sound booths. Here, they welcomed interested visitors, answered their questions and gave them a detailed insight into all our new products. At the same time, Lars Kristensen could be found in our listening booths, tirelessly hosting listening sessions every day from morning to night.

Every single person on our team could feel the immense joy that existed among all the participants throughout the entire show. It was as if there was a collective relief among all 20,000 visitors to finally be back in Munich. It was a great pleasure for us to see many of our customers, friends, dealers, and of course, the other exhibitors again.

We are very happy about the positive feedback and the interest in our new products during the days in Munich. We are already looking forward to coming back to the HIGH END Munich next year. To sum it up: Mission accomplished. We succeeded in presenting a completely new sound dimension of music to the visitors of the HIGH END Munich 2022.