Ansuz Darkz Z2S & S2T

Product Launch


Ansuz Acoustics proudly presents its latest achievement of their unwavering quest for leveraging the full potential of effective resonance control. By tapping into the audio properties of innovative material composites, Ansuz Acoustics managed successfully to unlock an entirely new dimension of impressive musical sound staging.

The premium Signature Z2S Darkz is optimized with the most sophisticated materials and technologies. The Junior version S2T Darkz share the musicality of the Darkz Signature Z2S.

Ansuz Darkz Signature Z2S

The resonance control from Zirconium results in an out- standing musical refinement creating a natural sound- stage unrivalled in its purity, precision and attention to musical details. Although the audio impact of titanium and zirconium shares some distinctive similarities, the audio effect is definitely much more pronounced with the new Darkz Signature Z2S.

Refined with special coatings
The Darkz Signature Z2S is further acoustically optimized by applying the Ansuz Supreme coating on each disc. This coating is applied to each of the zirconium discs in a particle accelerator to create the finest and most uniform layer of zirconium, tungsten and titanium, followed by a layer of titanium nitride. Finally the discs are applied with a layer of Zirconium.

Ansuz Darkz S2T

The Darkz S2T in stainless steel is sharing the same important features as the Darkz Signature Z2S regarding the resonance control. The tone is warm, the soundstage is natural and the music details are present.

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