Ansuz D2 Series

Ansuz D2 cable series

In this review, Alan Sircom from Hi-Fi+ introduces the entire Ansuz D2 cable series, from power cables to interconnect and digital cables to speaker cables.

He explains Ansuz’s unique approach to cables compared to other cable brands. According to Alan Sircom, it is common to describe and define a cable’s performance by focusing on metallurgy, dielectric, and many other technical specifications, but that’s not the case with Ansuz. At Ansuz, “performance is defined as it should be in the audio world – by direct listening.”

Alan Sircom points out that all D2 plugs and housings are custom made, and that they all feature what Ansuz calls “Direct Ground Connector Technology,” “Double Inverted Helix Coil Technology,” and “Ansuz Advanced Resonance Control.”

He describes the overall impression of the D2 series as “…of simple elegance” and “…the D2 cables ooze urban and minimalist panache.”

He describes the sound as elegant and as anything but restrained. He characterises the sound as rich, detailed and dynamic. In this context, he points out that the D2 cable series can be upgraded with the Ansuz D-TC PowerBox. “Adding the D-TC PowerBox is the icing on the cake, giving the sound even more musical focus, quieter backgrounds, more space, and more precision.”

At the end of this review, Alan Sircom compares the Ansuz D2 cable series to the Nordost, as this is the former employer of Michael Børresen and Lars Kristensen. Believe it or not, Alan Sircom manages to include a Game of Thrones reference in this context.

Finally, he ends his review with the following question: “I was wondering if Monitor Audio knows how good their speakers can be?”