Ansuz digital cables

Ansuz Digitalz C2 coax

Jay Luong has written a detailed review of a wide range of cables from various manufacturers for Audio Bacons. Among them, of course, he has tested and reviewed the Ansuz Digitalz C2 coaxial cable.

“One of its obvious strengths is in articulation. It never falters no matter how hectic the recording is. It remains clean, well-delineated, and resolving.”

Jay Luong refers to the C2 cable as “Mr. Neutral.” He explains it this way: “If you’re looking for a digital cable that doesn’t impart any coloration whatsoever, the Ansuz Acoustics Digitalz C2 will be a perfect match.”

“It’s nicely textured with just enough tonal contrast, attack, and transient speed. It doesn’t extend or shine uncontrollably but maintains a tranquil musicality.”