Ansuz Mainz D2 Power cord and D2 Power distributor

Mainz D2 Power cord and Power Distributor

In this review, Srajan Ebaen first explains why the quality of the mains power is so important – AC noise, even if we can’t hear it, makes the audio system work harder. The more sophisticated a power distributor is, the more it becomes a passband for high frequencies.

Based on Ansuz’s key principles, Srajan Ebaen explains in particular the Tesla coil, and the dither technology and also points out, why Ansuz no longer uses the usual power conditioning technologies based on transformers, capacitors and inductors – Ansuz finds them too sluggish.

He then explains the key technologies used in Mainz D2 power cables – in particular, the Anti Aerial Tesla Coil principle, which reduces the actual length of a cable so that it does not act like an antenna for receiving interference. A special feature of the Mainz8 power distributor is its star ground technology. It creates a very strong central electrical ground connection, which ensures that signals are transmitted with as little loss as possible.

He also mentions that the Mainz8 D2 is mounted with Ansuz feet – prepared for Ansuz Darkz resonance control devices. Ansuz Darkz effectively counteract unwanted resonances and vibrations. In the context of the Mainz8 power distributor the author makes some special reference to power cables They make the biggest difference when it comes to audio cables.

Based on the Srajan Ebaen’s listening test, he comes to the following conclusions:

With the Mainz8, it is not business as usual. Everything has become more specific and refined. The entire sonic structure becomes more complete, more refined and much more holistic even at moderate volume levels. The background is deeper and the micro resolution higher.

The Ansuz power distributor also improves the power-to-weight ratio of the speakers. Subjectively perceived speed and dynamics in the lower frequency range increased. Near and far objects now have a much better focus and more clarity.