Ansuz Mainz C2 Power cord

Ansuz – Mainz C2 Power cable

The Czech online hi-fi magazine Audio Drom has been testing and reviewing hi-fi components for more than 10 years. Back in 2009, they declared that Nordost Odin Power cables were the best they had ever encountered. “In 2019, however, things look quite different, though.”

On their ongoing journey through the world of hi-fi cables, they have now arrived at the Ansuz Mainz C2 Power cable.

They have divided their test report into 5 categories. ‘Function and Form’, ‘Bass Management’, ‘Clarity and sonic subtleties’, ‘Sonic Accuracy’ and ‘Spatial Resolution’. Audio Drom begins their test report by stating that the goal of C2 series cables is to keep inductance and capacitance as low as possible and eliminate peak electrical resonances. Audio Drom further points out that the Mainz C2 power cable consists of three twisted coaxial cables with Direct Ground Connector Technology, Double Inverted Helix coils, and three noise-canceling coils. Audio Drom has extensive experience in reviewing and testing cables, which means the Ansuz Mainz C2 has been up against many different brands, including AudioQuest Hurricane, Synergistic Research Atmosphere Level 2, Synergistic Research Euphoria Level 3 and Synergistic Research Galileo SX cables, Roth Audio prototypes and Nordost Valhalla V1.

When it comes to clarity and subtlety, Audio Drom states “Of all the cables that were part of the test, the Ansuz Mainz C2 had the least noise.” According to Audio Drom, there was no noise at all. Instead, there was a black background in which subtle ambient noises disappeared, and in which even the quietest sounds became strikingly clear and distinct.

In their test, Audio Drom also wanted to find out, whether it is advantageous to combine power cords from different brands in the same audio system. To that end, Audio Drom replaced one power cord with an Ansuz Mainz C2 in an otherwise complete Nordost setup. The result was improved transparency, better focus, and deeper bass. The author of Audio Drom’s test review concluded, “It was as if I was listening through excellent headphones and the room itself had no effect.”