Ansuz PowerSwitch

PowerSwitch D-TC Supreme

Dirk Sommer explains that the Ansuz Powerswitch was designed with the aim of reducing the noise that occurs when streaming music from the World Wide Web.

The Ethernet is a kind of floating network that has no ground connection to dissipate unwanted noise. Therefore, the Ansuz Powerswitch features a grounding circuitry that filters out much of this interfering noise.

Dirk Sommer points out that Ansuz Acoustic uses highly sophisticated audio technologies in their Powerswitch. The noise reduction technologies include active cable Tesla coils, anti-antenna resonant coils, active Tesla coils, and active square Tesla coils.

Dirk Sommer is also impressed by the high-quality internal power supply, which contributes to further noise reduction.

After listening to various pieces of music, Dirk Sommer comes to the following conclusion:

The sonic image fascinates with an enormously quiet, black background – even Barre Phillips’ breathing now becomes audible.

The position of the speakers cannot even be guessed, the sound completely detaches itself from the transducers and one feels beamed into the recording room. What a pleasure!

The sound has gained a touch more warmth, the deep drums develop a bit more power, and even the decay of the beats on the smaller drums lasts longer. Although the music reveals additional information, the reproduction seems more organic, complementary and a bit less technical.

The bass drum didn’t get a richer punch and the guitars lost some of their aggressive demeanor. With the Ansuz Powerswitch, the song in question is much more enjoyable.

The Ansuz Powerswitch adds a touch more warmth to the music, the presentation of the instrument groups on the now slightly deeper stage comes out more vividly, and the orchestra not only seems bigger, but also more energetic. Excellent!

Dirk Sommer concludes that the Ansuz Powerswitch D-TC Supreme is the best sounding switch he has ever integrated into his digital system, stating, “It is a sonic milestone.”