Ansuz PowerSwitch

Ansuz Powerswitch X-TC

Frank Borowski notes that upstream networking of audio components is becoming increasingly important for music streaming and then explains why. Audio streaming starts before the signal reaches the actual streamer. The network is a gateway for all sorts of sound damaging signal components. That is why a special switch is required for a clean streaming process. Frank Borowski also mentions that a high processor load is the enemy of clean D/A conversion. The signal noise caused by, for example, line losses, EM interference or weak signal transmission, etc., will affect the quality of streaming. The noisier the signal, the greater the effort required to identify and separate the individual signal components and forward them at the right time.

Frank Borowski also claims that WLAN is not a better solution than the fixed LAN connection, because it causes other problems, such as insufficient signal strength, noisy transceivers, etc. 

The overall goal is to make the data stream as clean and low-noise as possible, before it enters the streamer.

The housing of the Powerswitch is made of a wood composite, chosen for its damping effect as well as its drastic reduction in hysteresis. Ansuz’s Powerswitch is also equipped with a sophisticated, high-quality internal power supply, since commonly used, more inexpensive external power supplies generate a lot of noise.

Ansuz Acoustics presents itself as a company that covers a wide range of audio accessories that include cables, audio racks, equipment stands, power distributors and network switches.

Ansuz cables are manufactured with resonance harmonization in mind, not energy dissipation through soft damping.

In addition to the Powerswitch, Frank Borowski also tested Ansuz Acoustic’s LAN, USB and power cables. All of these components contribute to a holistic approach, with all individual parts of the audio chain following the same principles for electrical and mechanical grounding. Frank Borowski describes the quality of these cables as excellent.

The listening test reveals much more quietness, clarity and refinement across the board. Everything really benefits. The improvement effect is even greater with the Ansuz-X power cord. The author says you just have to try it – never stream again without a good switch.