Axpona 2022

Show report

Ansuz, Aavik & Børresen at Axpona 2022

We have just participated in an extremely successful Axpona show in Chicago. We really enjoyed coming back to this amazing show. All three of our brands Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen were represented at Axpona, where we also participated in collaboration with our local dealer Next Level Hi-Fi. We showcased and presented a wide range of our products, as well as several product news and prototypes.

Robert S. Youman from the online Hi-Fi magazine Positive Feedback, has made a show-report from Axpona 2022. In the show report, Robert reviews his six favorite rooms at Axpona. One of those favorites was our room. In the show report, Robert describes his positive experience of meeting Audio Group Denmark’s welcoming and enthusiastic crew, including Lars Kristensen and Michael Børresen. Furthermore, he describes his overwhelming and positive experience of the Børresen 01 Silver Supreme speaker.