The New Range of Axxess Products

Product Launch

Last year we successfully launched the well awarded Axxess Forté streaming amplifier series. Now it is time to expand the product range of Axxess audio equipment.

Audio Group Denmark is very proud to announce the launch of two loudspeakers, a series of cables and finally a resonance control device to position under your loudspeakers and electronics.

Our overarching dream and vision for Axxess is to share emotional musical moments with even more people. Based on the innovative technological development and design traditions of Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen, Axxess manufactures high-quality loudspeakers, amplifiers, audio cables, and Hi-Fi accessories, that Audio Group Denmark’s dealers can sell at a more modest price, and by that making high end HiFi accessible to more people. Despite the modest price, the Axxess products attain the standard of musical performance and aesthetic design for which Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen is famous.

Axxess Loudspeakers L1 and L3

The two new Axxess loudspeaker models are the stand mounted Axxess L1 and the floorstanding Axxess L3. They are both developed and designed by the Børresen engineering team led by Michael Børresen and accompanied by Flemming Erik Rasmussen. The speakers are developed with the same overall criteria in terms of sound and design philosophy as Børresen loudspeakers. The components and technologies used in the L1 and L3 are carefully developed and applied into both models. These Axxess loudspeaker promise not just an authentic musical experience but also a deeper connection to the music, allowing you to immerse yourself fully and experience the zenith of musical reproduction.

The Axxes Ribbon Tweeter

The membrane in the new ribbon tweeter is in Kapton – which is a very lightweight material. Compared to a dome tweeter it is 25 times lighter and due to the ribbon tweeter principle, the area is two times bigger. Our ribbon tweeter technology ensures a more immersive listening experience, bringing you closer to the music.

The Bass Midrange

In the Axxess loudspeaker mag – net motor system, we use double copper caps on the pole rings to achieve high flux and low inductance. We have adopted the use of copper caps from the Børresen X-series. The meticulous engineering of our bass midrange ensures that you experience music with exceptional clarity and depth. The Axxess loudspeaker membrane is designed inhouse by our skilled engineers and is developed to achieve maximum stiffness with minimum noise.

The Axxess Cabinet

The Axxess L1 and L3 speakers’ cabinet and baffle are made of natural based composite material. This material choice is an important characteristic and is designed to eliminate sonic distortion, allowing you to fully appreciate the music in its purest form. The finish is available in either painted satin black or white.

The Axxess Speaker Stand

The Axxess L1 speaker stand is like the cabinet also made of natural based composite material. The Axxess L1 stand incorporates both functional and visual elements inspired by both Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen, which has a positive influence on the aesthetic expression, but also on the performance of the speaker.

Axxess Cable Loom

In our endeavor to establish a full Axxess setup, we are introducing a cable series. Drawing upon Ansuz’s design and development heritage, our focus on noise reduction and resonance control has led to the creation of exquisite hi-fi cables. These cables offer entry into the Audio Group Denmark universe at a more accessible price point.

The housings of the Axxess cable series are crafted from a mineral-filled composite material, ensuring the preservation of the music signal without compromising sound quality.

For the conductors and ground wires, meticulous selection has been made to deliver a rich and detailed music signal, resulting in their construction from shielded silver-plated copper. Axxess cables are available in the following cable types: Power cable, Signal RCA cable, Digital BNC cable, Ethernet cable and Speaker cable.

Axxess Noir, Resonance Control Device

The Axxess Noir resonance control devices are built on the same principles as the Ansuz Darkz devices. We’ve worked hard to find the right material that maintains the musical and energetic experience.

The Axxess Noir device is made from a special mineral-filled composite material that preserves the music signal. Our resonance control devices enhance the listening experience by minimizing unwanted vibrations, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the music.