Audio Video Show Warsaw 2022

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Narodowy – a prime location for a HiFi Fair

As we made our way from the airport to the venue of Europe’s second largest hi-fi trade show, the Audio Video Show, in Warsaw, the first sight that greeted us on that sunny autumn day as we crossed the iconic Swietokrzyski Bridge was the mighty Polish national stadium, Narodowy. It is an impressive landmark in the middle of the Polish capital, and one of the three venues for the annual Audio Video Show. Since the other two venues were located in two different hotels in Warsaw, we were naturally delighted with the unique location at the National Stadium.

The impressive stadium, built as part of Poland’s 2012 European Football Championships, looked even more impressive as we pulled into the parking lot in front of it. A massive metal structure with gentle curves, encased in red and white glass, the colors of the Polish national flag, left us amazed and impatient to explore the inside of the building.

Then, we reached our showroom, Sky Box 118 inside the stadium, which is normally used as a VIP lounge. As we caught a glimpse of the pitch and the stands in the heart of the stadium through the window at the other end of the room, we all quickly realized, why the room was called the Sky Box. The view was simply stunning. In our excitement, we quickly agreed that a better venue for a Hi-Fi show would be hard to find anywhere in the world.

The first time at the HIFI Fair in Warsaw

We had been planning to participate in the Audio Video Show in Warsaw for several years, but due to the Corona pandemic this was unfortunately not possible. For this reason, we were naturally very pleased and full of expectations to participate in the Audio Video Show for the first time this year. 

As the darkness of the evening fell over Warsaw and the National Stadium, our equipment finally arrived at Sky Box 118. Despite the long day of travel from Denmark to Poland, we were still so full of energy and drive that we immediately began setting up the room with our audio equipment and doing some rehearsal demos to make sure everything was ready for the grand opening of the show the next day.

When we entered the aisles of the stadium the next morning, they were already bustling with activity. We met many friendly faces and could literally feel the anticipation of the many exhibitors. After a quick cup of coffee and the usual chat with old friends and acquaintances from the industry, we immediately started to work on the final details of the acoustic fine-tuning of our showroom. When we arrive at a trade show, we never really know what the acoustics of the showroom will be like and how it will affect the unfolding of the music. Basically, any audio system setup requires some break-in time and speaker position adjustment. To our delight, however, we quickly realized that we had done a good job with our setup last night.

Shortly after our final tests of the audio equipment, the doors to the long-awaited Audio Video Show 2022 opened and the three-year wait finally came to an end, for us, and all the enthusiastic visitors. Now we could also show in Warsaw what we, Audio Group Denmark stand for. Music reproduction at the absolute highest level: completely natural, pure and unadulterated.

Our sophisticated and most innovative audio products

Along with a competent team consisting of two of our most experienced salesmen, Morten and Emil, and some representatives from the marketing department, we brought our latest hi-fi equipment of our three brands Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen. 

The new audio products included the Børresen M-1 as well as the Børresen X-3 loudspeaker, the Aavik I-880 amplifier, and a wide range of products from the premium Ansuz Gold Signature Series.

We were very pleased to present the brand-new Børresen M-1 loudspeaker. The basket of this speaker represents a real revolution – it is a topology-optimized basket made of zirconium, which ensures maximum stiffness and thus minimum vibration and resonance.

The membrane for the M1 is the technologically most advanced and sophisticated speaker membrane guaranteeing the highest stiffness and lowest membrane resonance. This Børresen M-1 loudspeaker is a dream come true of a flagship speaker that has left many of our visitors in complete amazement at the highly exceptional and absolutely superb and pure sound quality of this outstanding speaker. 

We presented our new I-880 amplifier, our most sophisticated and advanced amplifier of our flagship Aavik 880 series. The Aavik I-880 amplifier also marks the beginning of a dynamic, and very productive collaboration between Michael Børresen’s with his unconventional and innovative approach in audio technology and Flemming Erik Rasmussen’s artistic and aesthetic design touch.

Another new product we introduced at the Audio Video Show was the Børresen X-3 loudspeaker. This is a high-end quality loudspeaker that has all the excellent acoustic characteristics of the Børresen M, 0 and Z speaker series. The Børresen X3 speaker is not only a new entry-level speaker in the Børresen universe, but also represents a true revolution in quality and performance in its price range. The Børresen X3 was a particularly good fit for our Sky box, both in terms of aesthetics and sound. The audience’s enthusiasm for the X3 speaker was unmistakable, and the amount of positive feedback we received was overwhelming. After the presentation of the X3’s acoustic potential, some of the audience members asked us if this speaker was our new flagship model, to which we were able to tell them, to their great surprise and disbelief, that this was actually our entry-level speaker.

During the weekend in Warsaw, we had many interested visitors in our ‘Sky Box’. What struck us most was the truly passionate attitude that people in Poland have towards listening to authentic music. We were able to experience how our visitors visibly enjoyed immersing themselves in the music with great dedication and enthusiasm.

Therefore, we can already say that we from Audio Group Denmark have fully accomplished our mission at the Audio Video Show, in Warsaw: Presenting our sophisticated and most innovative audio products as gateway to a new dimension of unprecedented, absolutely natural music reproduction and sharing this wonderful music experience with many people in Poland.