Audio Video Show Warsaw 2022

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Narodowy – a prime location for a HiFi Fair

As we made our way from the airport to the venue of Europe’s second largest hi-fi trade show, the Audio Video Show, in Warsaw, the first sight that greeted us on that sunny autumn day as we crossed the iconic Swietokrzyski Bridge was the mighty Polish national stadium, Narodowy. It is an impressive landmark in the middle of the Polish capital, and one of the three venues for the annual Audio Video Show. Since the other two venues were located in two different hotels in Warsaw, we were naturally delighted with the unique location at the National Stadium.

The impressive stadium, built as part of Poland’s 2012 European Football Championships, looked even more impressive as we pulled into the parking lot in front of it. A massive metal structure with gentle curves, encased in red and white glass, the colors of the Polish national flag, left us amazed and impatient to explore the inside of the building.

Then, we reached our showroom, Sky Box 118 inside the stadium, which is normally used as a VIP lounge. As we caught a glimpse of the pitch and the stands in the heart of the stadium through the window at the other end of the room, we all quickly realized, why the room was called the Sky Box. The view was simply stunning. In our excitement, we quickly agreed that a better venue for a Hi-Fi show would be hard to find anywhere in the world.