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Audio Group Denmark at High End Munich

When you visit the stand of Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen at the HiFi fairs around the world, you can always expect to be amazed, surprised and enlightened. This will be especially the case at this year’s High End Show in Munich. Audio Group Denmark is a company known for our creativity and innovative approach. After a two-year absence from the High End Show in Munich due to covid-19, this means that this year Audio Group Denmark will be showcasing even more exciting, newly launched products, prototypes of upcoming products, and world premieres than ever before. At the High End Show in Munich, Audio Group Denmark will present and demonstrate a wide range of new and highly innovative products.

Aavik 880 amplifier- Class A

With Michael Børresen’s innovative approach and Flemming Erik Rasmussen’s artistic and aesthetic design, Aavik has created a new Class A amplifier series. At the High End Show in Munich, they will present as a world premiere our new Aavik 880 amplifier, a pure 200W per channel Class A amplifier. Aavik has developed this Class A amplifier series based on the firm belief that Class A amplifiers have the greatest power potential of any amplifier class. However, this requires a Class A amplifier that does not switch. The new 880 features all the non-switching characteristics of an output stage. That’s why, for the new Aavik 880 series, we designed a Class A power amplifier that stays in Class A no matter how hard it is loaded and no matter how hard it is driven. This means that the need for inductive output filtering is simply much less, and the result is much better.

In addition, the Aavik 880 amplifiers features a resonance-optimized titanium/copper enclosure design, a unique microprocessor-controlled LDR volume control, a unique switch-less input circuitry for the preamp stages, and a 1kW resonant power supply. The visual design of this new amplifier series is also quite different from what Aavik has done before. The beautiful and creative pencil strokes of Flemming Erik Rasmussen leave his clear signature.

The M-1 loudspeaker – New, groundbreaking driver technology

Michael Børresen has also been involved in the product development of new groundbreaking loudspeaker series. The result is, among other things, the new Børresen M-1 loudspeakers.

As is now well known, Børresen Acoustics has been very much inspired by the detail-oriented and thorough approach as well as the technologies from Formula 1 racing in the development of new loudspeakers. The result of this approach is the implementation of Formula 1 technology in the new M-1 speakers, in the form of a performance-optimized speaker cone with a 4-layer process consisting of: 0.04 mm surface-treated titanium skin, Spread Tow Carbon, Nomex honeycomb and again Spread Tow Carbon. In addition, the Børresen development team has further optimized the speaker basket. This innovative process has resulted in a 3D-printed, topology-optimized zirconium driver basket.

The new M-1 also features all the benefits of the Børresen 0 Series. These include the patented iron-free Børresen magnet motor system, which has now been further refined. Since silver has been found to have the highest specific electrical conductivity of all metals, Børresen has replaced the copper pole rings with hand-made silver rings, manufactured in-house. This has lowered the inductance to an amazingly low level that has never been achieved before.

Gold Signature – Ready for a Gold Rush?

Ansuz has always been a pioneer in the development of high-end audio cables, and they have always strived for the ultimate in pristine sound quality and musical authenticity. In this quest to unlock the full acoustic potential of music, our latest initiative is the launch of a new cable series called Ansuz Gold Signature.

This cable series features the most sophisticated and advanced Ansuz technologies for noise reduction and resonance control, and is equipped with Ansuz Tesla and Dither technologies. The cables feature a highly optimized anti-area antenna design to reduce interfering noise. In addition, the cables receive a special gold/silver/copper alloy for the 24-karat gold-plated conductors. All of this is said to provide refined authenticity and a lifelike musical experience. At the Munich High End, Ansuz will give an exciting insight into the performance potential of this new Gold Signature cable series.

The Børresen X Loudspeaker Series

Finally, Børresen has been working on another new and exciting speaker project, the Børresen X Speaker Series. These speakers represent a revolution in their price range. They have been developed on the solid foundation of Børresen Acoustics’ tradition, philosophy and know-how. The X speakers will feature carbon fiber reinforced cabinets, state-of-the-art drivers, Spread Tow Carbon and honeycomb cones. Michael Børresen and his development team will of course be present in Munich to reveal more exciting details about this new speaker series, just as they will with the new upcoming M1 speakers.

Where to find us in Munich

You can find Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen in Hall 4, room T04 and U03, located near the main entrance.

Their entire sales team, including Lars Kristensen, and representatives from the design and development team, including Michael Børresen and Flemming Erik Rasmussen, will of course be present.