Mainz8 Generation 3

Product Launch

The new series of power distributors

Ansuz has made quantum leaps in the development and design of innovative and unconventional audio technologies that have revolutionized the quality standards of high-end music reproduction. High time, then, to integrate all these groundbreaking advances into a new series of power distributors – namely, the new AnsuzMainz8 Generation 3, a series of power distributors, which sets absolutely new benchmarks for maximum noise reduction and resonance control.

The new Ansuz Mainz8 Generation 3 series is equipped with Ansuz most sophisticated and most advanced noise reduction, resonance control, and dither technologies. In developing this new generation of power distributors, Ansuz was able to draw on their latest research findings on specific material properties and leverage the acoustic effects of innovative composite materials. This new generation of power distributors opens up an ultra-fine, very authentic and natural resolution of the entire sound spectrum from the extremely high pitch to the deepest bass and creates a jaw-dropping holistic soundstage that defies any further description.

Clean power supply

Ansuz Mainz8 power distributors have been developed with the aim of providing a very clean power supply for all hi-fi components of your audio system. Equipped with the most advanced Ansuz audio technologies, the new Mainz8 power distributors offer the lowest grounding impedance, ensuring that virtually no noise is transmitted from the power distributor to the individual power cables feeding the individual hi-fi components. The extreme purity of the power supply paves the way for an unadulterated naturalness and lightness of music.

3rd generation analog dither technology

Analog dither technology has its origin in radar, where it provides a stronger signal and thus a longer range. Active Tesla coils send pulsating signals with precisely defined frequencies. These signals are sent in antiphase. Ansuz has adopted that principle into its audio technology. This significantly amplifies the music signal and eliminates background noise.

Ansuz has further developed and refined this technology for high-end audio applications, and only recently ushered in a third generation of analog dither technology. This third generation is also integrated in the top-of-the-line loudspeaker series, the Børresen M1, and in Aavik’s flagship 880 Amplifier model. It goes without saying that the new generation of Ansuz Mainz8 power distributors also features the latest version of Ansuz analog dither technology.

Composite cabinet material on a natural basis

The cabinet of the Mainz8 Generation 3 series has been designed to eliminate sonic distortion. The disturbing sound influence emanating from the material the cabinet is made of – usually aluminum – results from its mechanical resonances.

To eliminate this sound distortion, Ansuz uses an innovative, natural-based composite material that reduces mechanical influence, particularly hysteresis. The sonic result is clearly audible and reflects another distinctive cornerstone in Ansuz’s quest for the ultimate musical experience.

Internal resonance control

Ansuz Darkz resonance control devices are designed to provide a significantly better mechanical grounding of the cabinet. To optimize musical performance, the Mainz8 Generation 3 is equipped with Ansuz Darkz inside the cabinet.

Sandwich bottom plate

Inspired by the design of the Børresen M1 speaker, the top-of-the-line model of this new series, the Ansuz Mainz8 DT-C3 Supreme, is equipped with a sandwich bottom plate. The aim is to reduce to an absolute minimum any vibrations that might be absorbed by the electronics and circuitry, and to ensure that audible resonances are perceived as a natural and organic part of the overall sound.

The cabinet is connected to this base plate, which is constructed as a sandwich solution. The base material is a heavy, compact laminate panel with titanium layers on the top and bottom. The base plate is also equipped with Ansuz Feet to mount Ansuz Darkz and best support the elimination of interfering resonances.

Ansuz Star Grounding Technology

Voltage carries disturbing noise that has negative effects on the electronics of audio components. Ansuz Star Grounding technology prevents this noise from ‘bleeding’ into the electronics of all audio components connected to the power distributor. Ansuz Star Grounding technology is built around a well-defined area, called the star point, within the power distributor that has the lowest possible grounding impedance.

It ensures that no voltage is transferred from the power distributor to the power cables of the individual audio components. Since this star point has the best grounding impedance, all sockets in the power distributor are grounded from here. The system can be further optimized by the use of Ansuz Mainz Power cables. They complement the power distributor with a strong grounding conductor and various shielding and interference suppression technologies.

The Tesla coil technology

The main operating principle of the Ansuz Tesla coil is that two coils are wound in opposite directions – one coil and one counter coil. In Ansuz’s words, this is called a “double inverted coil.” The two coils both carry voltage, and when one of the Tesla coils encounters a voltage spike, a counter coil is activated to eliminate the noise.

Since these noise spikes are pure voltage carrying virtually no charge, the cancellation is quite good, but not perfect. Connecting more Tesla coils in parallel will further enhance this noise cancelling effect. The perceived blackness in the music becomes much more palpable, as does the purity and clarity of the sound. Different types of Tesla coils are used in the Ansuz Mainz8 Generation 3, as their individual properties ideally complement and reinforce each other.

Active Zirconium Anti Aerial Resonance Tesla Coil

Ansuz equipped the new power distributor Mainz8 generation 3 series with the latest, most advanced version of Tesla coil technology – the Ansuz Active Zirconium Anti-Aerial Resonance Tesla Coil.

An impressive improvement of Ansuz anti-aerial resonance coil technology is based on the company’s inexhaustible curiosity to learn more about the specific properties of different materials. This explains why Ansuz has incorporated a zirconium rod into the design of the anti-aerial resonance coil.

The properties of this zirconium rod allow for an unprecedented high level of resonance control, resulting in outstanding musical sophistication that creates a natural soundstage unmatched in its purity, precision and attention to musical detail.

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